Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall In and Go

New classes. New schedules. New places to go. New things to do. Fall is excitingly busy. We have been very busy here at BBW as well and we are happy to have been able to share your new adventures with you and your family. As all of us continue on, learning, performing and moving forward, we'd like to offer you some happenings that may enrich and help you along.

Sept 11th, Give Back Yoga will be hosting the first annual "Seeds of Service" farm to table fundraiser to support reaching 10,000 veterans with their Yoga for Veterans toolkits. BBW is proud to sponsor this event and hope you will jump on board with supporting our veterans with PTSD who benefit from the work of Give Back Yoga.

Sept 10th -20th our annual Fall Fashion Preview Sale will offer you 20% off all of our newest fashions. You may even want to start your holiday shopping and get the newest for less.

Sept 22nd, "Supporting your dancer thru injury"  talk and discussion with Chris Harbison will take place from 5:00-6:30pm at the BBW. Chris, a licensed clincal social worker, will share her exepertise on the psychological impact of an injury in a dancers life. She'll also discuss the challenges dancers face when returning to class and how parents can help their dancer cope with the experience. Join us for information that you can use at home with your dancer and family.

A preview to October! Russian Pointe will be visiting us on the 10/22 for a day pointe shoe fittings and a possible discussion for teachers and artistic directors on how to use their shoes effectively in class and performance. We will continue to post information about this event as it gets closer.

Thank you to all of our hosts out of state as we brought our mobile store to your studios over the summer and early fall. We love being a part of your dance families. Also, we are grateful to all of you who come into our store every day and share your adventures with us. It is fun to hear and when we can, offer assistance!

Onward we go!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Complete. Restart. Smile.

June is a busy month at Boulder Body Wear.  A full circle of events seem to bring dancers into see us, closing out the year with performances, getting gear for intensives and camps, starting new classes. It's a lot of fun to see new ballerinas, tappers and gymnasts getting excited to learn something new during the summer break. Theatrical camps have students exploring new roles. Older students travel and challenge themselves. 

Thank you to everyone who donated to our used clothing drive. We were able to deliver a respectable amount of very nice and usable clothing to Angel Organic. A round of applause goes out to Revolution Power Yoga for their very large donation. Once again, yoga fashion shines bright.

In the coming weeks you'll see the BBW staff out at The Avalon and the St. Julien promoting our incredible social dance shoe selection. We will be traveling out of state to fit pointe shoes and service areas that are without a local dance store for their fall dance gear. Our wonderful shoes are available to any customer online for 20% off. Use code bbwshoes20 at the checkout to not only save money but also time and fuel. You can also check out our video library to learn about pointe shoes, bun building and performance make up. July 4th, the staff will be taking the day off to celebrate the birthday of the good and young USA, so don't stop by, the door will be locked.

This time each year I feel gratitude as the store fills up with families who are looking, vacationing, shopping and sharing. I remember that although families are rarely perfect, having them here is testimony to the desire to be supportive, challenged and together.  I like this feeling. It makes me smile. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Take a break. Educate your child.

Having the opportunity to have some alone time when you are a busy parent is rare. Mom's Day out is our chance to help you have some time, recreate yourself with the newest yoga fashion and save some money. On June 15th from 2:00-4:00 pm Studio D dance studio will be offering a intro to dance class for kids age 7-14. When you drop your child for this class, you will receive a 25% coupon to Boulder Body Wear.  Head on over and have some uncluttered, non-multitasking, "me" shopping time.

Studio D is a premium dance academy which offers a wide array of traditional as well as nontraditional dance classes for children, each created to encourage self expression and individualism. Owner Diana Tepe, a former professional dancer herself, has emphasized the focus of the all of Studio D's classes to be focused on health for children through movement.

Rarely do kids get a chance to try an activity without signing up for a session or a camp. Mom's day out is a wonderful way to expose your child to dance without a large commitment. And guess what - you get some nice free time.

Visit Studio D for info to RSVP.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kids today....

One of the wonderful benefits to being owner of Boulder Body Wear is working with young people and their mentors. Lately, I have been lucky enough to attend many performances from these young creative souls. Poetry, choreography, dance and music. 

My comment on kids today is this- faced with a world of new technology, tightened economic possibilities affecting education and nutrition and an ever changing world of politics and war, these young people are creative, resourceful, intelligent and caring. They have wonderful mentors, teachers and adults. The outcome is beautiful.

Support your local arts groups by attending performances. I guarantee you will benefit in ways beyond the obvious.

I'm so excited for our future.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Angel Organic & a clever idea by Christine Moore

It's that time of year when we start cleaning out our closets and drawers of endless black stretchy garb that has been lovingly used in yoga and dance class. The newest fashions along with the tried and true basics are in Boulder Body Wear now and there is an itch to replace the old with the new.
Christine's clever idea is that you bring your old gently used yoga clothing to us between May 21st and June 11th... We in turn will give it to Angel Organics to distribute. You will get $5 off your next purchase at Boulder Body Wear. Get something new and know that you helped someone else while doing so.

Angel Organic cultivates and nurtures a meaningful path to integrative health and healing pracitices within under served individuals and communities. Your gently used items will be distributed to those who can use them now at the Boulder County Safehouse and the Family Learning Center of Boulder. 

Learn more about Angel Organics and all they do for those in our community by visiting www.angelorganic.org.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pointe shoe basics, the best darn bun & stage make up makes pretty.

Some of our workshops this past month at www.boulderbodywear.com!
Celebrate dance with some info...

Pointe shoes, pointe shoes, pointe shoes. 

For every ballerina, getting fit for your first pair of pointe shoes is a BIG DEAL.  With every big deal there are always expectations, rumors and some misconceptions. Dis-spell the myths! Check out our video on pointe shoe basics or stop by for one of our workshops on pointe shoe basics. Find out the difference between pre-pointe shoes & full shank shoes, what to expect from a professional pointe shoe fitting, and shoe and foot care. Our pointe shoe specialist, Mimi Ferrie, will take you through the basics and beyond.

Struggling to make the perfect bun? Frustrated with your daughter walking out of class with her bun out of sorts?   Check out Bun Making 101 where Jin Talcott takes you through not only how to make a basic ballerina bun but also a stage bun, sock bun (for you ladies blessed with lots of hair) or how to attach an Allegro Bun for ladies with more sporty cuts.

Applying fake eyelashes, stage makeup that doesn't sweat off and then getting all of it off is covered by professional ballerina Kayla Berg in Stage Make Up Made Easy. 

Get the basics out of the way and dance more!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Boulder Yoga fashion, PTSD, & The Give Back Yoga Foundation

In Boulder we have a unique sense of fashion. We want function. We want fashion. We want comfort. AND we want all that while being responsible consumers.

In fact, we would rather not be called ..."consumer". We have demanded that our purchasing power have a larger voice. Being enviornmentally and socially conscious is a given. PACT (www.wearpact.com) has produced a wonderful line of underwear, legging and socks that goes further by taking profits back to local, national and international need. (I refrain from using the word charity here as they have taken the time to discover people in need and how to serve them directly with funding). Here at BBW, we followed PACT's example by using the month of March to support the Give Back Yoga Foundation (http://givebackyoga.org/).

On their homepage, Give Back Yoga states their goal for 2013 simply -"to bring our yoga for veterans toolkits, developed by expert teachers with years of experience in working with soldiers with post-traumatic stress, to at least 10,000 veterans across the country."  Up to 37% of the 2.4 million service members deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan are now struggling with PTSD or traumatic brain injury. Yoga can help veterans find relief. We asked our customers to round up their sales to the nearest dollar, $5 or $10. Our vendors, Beyond Yoga, Om Girl, Onzie and ALO all donated items for a silent auction. Then we donated 1 yoga mat for every $50 raised.

Thank you Boulder and the regional dance community. We raised over $1100.00 and donated 22 yoga mats to help veterans with PTSD. This includes finding those in need as well as serving them. That, my friends is Boulder Yoga Fashion Consumerism at it's finest.