Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pointe shoe basics, the best darn bun & stage make up makes pretty.

Some of our workshops this past month at!
Celebrate dance with some info...

Pointe shoes, pointe shoes, pointe shoes. 

For every ballerina, getting fit for your first pair of pointe shoes is a BIG DEAL.  With every big deal there are always expectations, rumors and some misconceptions. Dis-spell the myths! Check out our video on pointe shoe basics or stop by for one of our workshops on pointe shoe basics. Find out the difference between pre-pointe shoes & full shank shoes, what to expect from a professional pointe shoe fitting, and shoe and foot care. Our pointe shoe specialist, Mimi Ferrie, will take you through the basics and beyond.

Struggling to make the perfect bun? Frustrated with your daughter walking out of class with her bun out of sorts?   Check out Bun Making 101 where Jin Talcott takes you through not only how to make a basic ballerina bun but also a stage bun, sock bun (for you ladies blessed with lots of hair) or how to attach an Allegro Bun for ladies with more sporty cuts.

Applying fake eyelashes, stage makeup that doesn't sweat off and then getting all of it off is covered by professional ballerina Kayla Berg in Stage Make Up Made Easy. 

Get the basics out of the way and dance more!

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