Thursday, June 20, 2013

Complete. Restart. Smile.

June is a busy month at Boulder Body Wear.  A full circle of events seem to bring dancers into see us, closing out the year with performances, getting gear for intensives and camps, starting new classes. It's a lot of fun to see new ballerinas, tappers and gymnasts getting excited to learn something new during the summer break. Theatrical camps have students exploring new roles. Older students travel and challenge themselves. 

Thank you to everyone who donated to our used clothing drive. We were able to deliver a respectable amount of very nice and usable clothing to Angel Organic. A round of applause goes out to Revolution Power Yoga for their very large donation. Once again, yoga fashion shines bright.

In the coming weeks you'll see the BBW staff out at The Avalon and the St. Julien promoting our incredible social dance shoe selection. We will be traveling out of state to fit pointe shoes and service areas that are without a local dance store for their fall dance gear. Our wonderful shoes are available to any customer online for 20% off. Use code bbwshoes20 at the checkout to not only save money but also time and fuel. You can also check out our video library to learn about pointe shoes, bun building and performance make up. July 4th, the staff will be taking the day off to celebrate the birthday of the good and young USA, so don't stop by, the door will be locked.

This time each year I feel gratitude as the store fills up with families who are looking, vacationing, shopping and sharing. I remember that although families are rarely perfect, having them here is testimony to the desire to be supportive, challenged and together.  I like this feeling. It makes me smile. 


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