Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall In and Go

New classes. New schedules. New places to go. New things to do. Fall is excitingly busy. We have been very busy here at BBW as well and we are happy to have been able to share your new adventures with you and your family. As all of us continue on, learning, performing and moving forward, we'd like to offer you some happenings that may enrich and help you along.

Sept 11th, Give Back Yoga will be hosting the first annual "Seeds of Service" farm to table fundraiser to support reaching 10,000 veterans with their Yoga for Veterans toolkits. BBW is proud to sponsor this event and hope you will jump on board with supporting our veterans with PTSD who benefit from the work of Give Back Yoga.

Sept 10th -20th our annual Fall Fashion Preview Sale will offer you 20% off all of our newest fashions. You may even want to start your holiday shopping and get the newest for less.

Sept 22nd, "Supporting your dancer thru injury"  talk and discussion with Chris Harbison will take place from 5:00-6:30pm at the BBW. Chris, a licensed clincal social worker, will share her exepertise on the psychological impact of an injury in a dancers life. She'll also discuss the challenges dancers face when returning to class and how parents can help their dancer cope with the experience. Join us for information that you can use at home with your dancer and family.

A preview to October! Russian Pointe will be visiting us on the 10/22 for a day pointe shoe fittings and a possible discussion for teachers and artistic directors on how to use their shoes effectively in class and performance. We will continue to post information about this event as it gets closer.

Thank you to all of our hosts out of state as we brought our mobile store to your studios over the summer and early fall. We love being a part of your dance families. Also, we are grateful to all of you who come into our store every day and share your adventures with us. It is fun to hear and when we can, offer assistance!

Onward we go!

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