Sunday, April 28, 2013

Boulder Yoga fashion, PTSD, & The Give Back Yoga Foundation

In Boulder we have a unique sense of fashion. We want function. We want fashion. We want comfort. AND we want all that while being responsible consumers.

In fact, we would rather not be called ..."consumer". We have demanded that our purchasing power have a larger voice. Being enviornmentally and socially conscious is a given. PACT ( has produced a wonderful line of underwear, legging and socks that goes further by taking profits back to local, national and international need. (I refrain from using the word charity here as they have taken the time to discover people in need and how to serve them directly with funding). Here at BBW, we followed PACT's example by using the month of March to support the Give Back Yoga Foundation (

On their homepage, Give Back Yoga states their goal for 2013 simply -"to bring our yoga for veterans toolkits, developed by expert teachers with years of experience in working with soldiers with post-traumatic stress, to at least 10,000 veterans across the country."  Up to 37% of the 2.4 million service members deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan are now struggling with PTSD or traumatic brain injury. Yoga can help veterans find relief. We asked our customers to round up their sales to the nearest dollar, $5 or $10. Our vendors, Beyond Yoga, Om Girl, Onzie and ALO all donated items for a silent auction. Then we donated 1 yoga mat for every $50 raised.

Thank you Boulder and the regional dance community. We raised over $1100.00 and donated 22 yoga mats to help veterans with PTSD. This includes finding those in need as well as serving them. That, my friends is Boulder Yoga Fashion Consumerism at it's finest.


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