Tuesday, April 23, 2013

National Dance Week

Although the week of April 26th is National Dance Week, we here in Boulder county have been celebrating all month long.  Special events, performances, workshops, benefits and parties - all to celebrate movement in our community.  All this celebration is good for our souls. As individuals we experience each other using that wonderful communication conduit of dance.  From here we experience community which enables us provide, envision and strengthen.

If you missed some of the fun events so far this month, not to fret. You may have missed the dance documentary "Been Rich All My Life" or Tara Masimer's Master Class but there is still more to come. You can still hop on the CU Fringe Festival or the free showing of New Breeds BADA BOOM.  In fact, you can go into May celebrating, simply go www.artresource.org/dance and get an entire listing of events.  Want a hard copy or a keepsake?  Stop by Boulder Body Wear and pick up the beautiful brochure.

Dance on Boulder...you move & smile with the best of them.

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